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Project Development and Management

Many times opportunities present themselves at times or in areas where a company lacks expertise. A lack of sufficient staff, expertise and know how, or a possible deficiency in country specific intelligence should not be a reason to miss an opportunity. IBC can facilitate a project development process where we work with your staff, provide expertise and experience in areas where you need them, and deliver results on a fast track schedule. IBC can provide site selection, permitting, project development due diligence, regulatory management and other support during the life of the project.


Project Siting and Permitting 
IBC provides a rapid deployment of an integrated team of environmental engineering, business planning, economic development, financial and project management professionals experienced in all phases of environmental and project permitting, project siting, project development, and expediting project implementation. This synthesis of expertise saves time and money for companies who need a single source of assistance in the interface with foreign governments, public/private entities, and multilaterals in project permitting and auditing in foreign countries. More on permitting.

Feasibility Studies
IBC will perform all due diligence and research any proposed or existing project including analysis of the commercial, technical, economic, environmental and regulatory aspects of any project.

Marketing Analysis and Research
We can perform a market analysis for your product or service, and determine how it will be accepted in the target market. Using this analysis, we will then recommend a marketing strategy for you to follow which will assure maximum results.

Strategic Planning
IBC can provide business plans and implementation strategies driven by market opportunities that translate vision to action, and direct resources and energy to well defined results.

Specializing in emerging support in the permitting and construction process, IBC can provide assistance in establishing your facilities and operation, managerial recruitment and on-site personnel administration. We can also provide professional feasibility studies on manufacturing your product in a foreign market.


IBC's team of professional international trainers, using state of the art multimedia interactive exercises and case studies, can provide results for your company with several training programs. We will customize any training session to meet your company's needs.

Business and Competitor Intelligence
IBC can provide research, fact-finding and analysis of potential business partners, customers, individuals, and competitors.

IBC can realize successful "hands on" implementation of workable strategies in difficult situations and apply "on the ground" experience that translates plans into effective action. Our results-oriented focus separates us from report-generating consulting groups. IBC has experience with operations management systems design and information technology applications.

Risk Analysis
IBC will look at each project, perform a feasibility analysis (or analyze an existing one), and identify the risks involved in that project. These risks may be country risk, sovereign risk, exchange rate risk, business failure risk, cash flow risk, social and political risk, payment risk, partner risk and much more. After the analysis has been completed, we will make recommendations to reduce or eliminate that risk, if possible.

Industrial Development and Targeting
IBC can provide industrial development services such as client targeting, cluster analysis, industrial growth analysis, and expansion strategies.

Regulatory Analysis
Working with legal associates in the U.S. and abroad, IBC can evaluate the impact of the current regulatory structure on your project, and make recommendations for influencing change and adapting to the regulatory structure.

In-Country Expertise
IBC can provide local expertise and contacts that are needed for in-country operations and strategies. IBC's project team will consist of specialists from the needed country that will provide critical intelligence concerning laws, regulations, business environment, protocols, and competitive intelligence.

Fast Track Results
IBC can design and facilitate fast track working sessions that are designed to reach consensus quickly, develop strategies and begin immediate implementation strategies. Using customized facilitation processes, IBC will help your company define targets, develop strategies, mitigate risks, and implement successful follow up processes in a fraction of the time usually needed. These sessions can be project development specific or be designed to meet other objectives, such as marketing strategies and market barrier identification and removal.