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International Business Connection
Commercial Expansion Experts


Project Permitting Experience



IBC provides a rapid deployment of an integrated team of environmental engineering, business planning, economic development, financial and project management professionals experienced in all phases of environmental and project permitting, project siting, project development, and expediting project implementation. This synthesis of expertise saves time and money for companies who need a single source of assistance in the interface with foreign governments, public/private entities, and multilaterals in project permitting and auditing in foreign countries.

IBC assists clients in anticipating, integrating, and resolving issues in all phases of the project development cycle. We help integrate objectives and implement workable strategies in difficult situations.



IBC recognizes the challenges of project permitting and compliance and new facility/network development in rapidly changing international marketplaces. Overcoming these challenges requires a working knowledge of regulatory and permitting systems; relationships with key government agencies; experience with the local business environment and marketplace; and linkages across all stages of the project development, project permitting and auditing process.

IBC has qualified and experienced engineering and project development staff on-site in Mexico, with the capability to deliver fast track results in the following areas:




























IBC has extensive experience in the following sectors: